Our Firm

What We Do

We are a multiple generational firm that concentrates on guiding and directing our clients in planning their life goals with emphasis on planning their financial futures, regardless of the profession they may choose to pursue. We work with entrepreneurs, people who own their own businesses and employ many people, professionals, educators, people who work for Corporate America, sales and marketing executives, self employed independent contractors, people who work for governmental entities and people who are employed in the not-for-profit segment of the economy.

How We Do It

One of the most useful and versatile products in any total financial plan can be Life Insurance. When individuals have enough of the right type of insurance they can protect their most important financial assets, their future earnings, and their Human Life Value which can help ensure that their heirs are provided for if they should die or become disabled before they achieve their financial goals. Life Insurance can also help them with their personal life, business, retirement, legacy, estate, and charitable planning.

After our clients have taken steps to protect their Human Life Value, the next logical step is to protect against unforeseen health or disability issues. This need can often be addressed through the purchase of major medical, disability, critical illness, Long Term Care, and Medicare Supplement Insurance. The next step might be purchasing property and casualty Insurance, such as homeowners, automobile coverage and Liability Insurance to protect against frivolous law suits. We can refer clients to and put them in contact with other professionals who can help them establish proper wills, trusts, power of attorney documents, health care directives, business agreements, and any other legal or tax work that is designed to enable them to accomplish their financial goals. It is sad but true that 55% of Americans do not have wills (“according to LexisNexis”).

Once our clients have their basic insurance and legal documents in place, our team at Wealth Coach will guide them toward becoming financially independent. Financial Independence in this context means that an individual has enough money to maintain his or her standard living for his or her lifetime without having to work. Not everyone will achieve financial independence, but planning enables them to have a much better chance of becoming financially independent. We at Wealth Coach believe in the concept of delayed gratification, meaning an immediate sacrifice for a delayed and expectedly much better future benefit. We guide them toward becoming financially independent by starting savings, investment, and retirement programs using the most tax efficient methods available.